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Control the conductivity value of fountain solution

the addition amount of fountain solution stock solution is generally controlled at 2% - 3%. However, if there is a lack of necessary measuring tools, or if the automatic extraction equipment fails, the operator often can only add it based on experience, which leads to many problems in the amount control of fountain solution

if the fountain solution is used, Jinan Ruima reminds the majority of users to be careful when using 1. If the amount of the original solution is too small, it is easy to dirty the version during printing and the adjustment time is long; It is difficult to achieve ink balance, and it is difficult to achieve satisfactory ink effect, which increases the risk of machine corrosion. If the amount of fountain solution is too large, the ink is easy to be over emulsified and the ink color is difficult to control; Ink throwing and flying occur, polluting the water bucket and water roller; The ink roller is not inked, and the ink is easy to accumulate on the blanket

in order to solve these problems, when adding fountain solution manually, the multi-component material co injection (extrusion) process should be equipped with standard measuring tools to ensure quantitative addition; If there is an automatic adding device, it should be checked and maintained regularly to ensure its normal operation

when using modern new fountain solution, the amount of alcohol added should be controlled within 1. At the same time, the relevant information of Chinaplas in 2014 is introduced. Generally, operators will think that the greater the amount of alcohol added, the less likely it is to dirty the version, so the amount of alcohol is always too large. In fact, when the amount of alcohol is too high, it will aggravate the dissolution of the paper surface, and printing products are prone to paper wool and paper powder; Ink is easy to be over emulsified, affecting the quality of prints

ph value and conductivity value are usually used to reflect and monitor the condition of fountain solution. The test shows that when the pH value is in the range of 4.8 ~ 5.3, the printing is the most stable, the service life of the printing plate is the longest, the printing quality is the best, and the balance of water and ink is the easiest to control. The pH value is not only determined by the amount of fountain solution, but also affected by the acidity and alkalinity of the paper. Generally, the conductivity should be controlled at (1400 200) s. The conductivity value is easily affected by the hardness of water, the amount of alcohol, dust and the mixture of ink. Therefore, the conductivity value is allowed in the 800 impact tester fault solution ~ 2000 S. however, when the fountain solution looks obviously contaminated, it must be reconstituted

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