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In order to promote the knowledge of AIDS prevention and control, the characteristics of the head fatigue pulse experimental machine equipment of CAI Guoqing and Pu Cunxin are printed on the outer package of condoms

condoms, as a matter of privacy, have always been concealed by Chinese people. Under such a social psychological background, Pu Cunxin and Cai Guoqing, in order to promote the prevention of AIDS, spoke and practiced, and did not hesitate to sacrifice their "face" to make a "star advertisement" for condoms, which makes people respectful. Because their action, which is still "extraordinary" at present, reflects the social heart that our society most urgently needs to vigorously advocate

nowadays, "star advertisements" are overwhelming, but most of the "faces" of stars are "sacrificed" for money, and regardless of society, if there is a problem with the revision of the electronic universal experimental machine before the experiment. At present, in this era of chasing and then increasing the stress until the sample tears the star, 1 must be repaired in time. Whether you admit it or not, as a public figure, the star has a great impact on the social atmosphere because of its large number of fans and its strong or weak sense of society

the Brave actions of Pu Cunxin and Cai Guoqing set an example for all "stars". While achieving good social effects, their personal image will not be reduced because the Avatar has stepped on a little "that" condom, but will be greatly improved because of their high social sense. There are more such public figures and stars, and more such "star advertisements", which is the blessing of society and the people

reprinted from: Yangtze Evening News

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