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In 2018, TV manufacturers gathered high-end products in the hope that the upgrading of specifications would lead to a rebound in sales profits

under the pressure of rising panel prices and the inability of brand manufacturers to promote sales, the global brand TV shipment in 2017 was only 211 million units, with an annual decrease of 4.1%, the lowest level since 2014. Looking forward to 2018, driven by factors such as the significant effect of panel price reduction and the recovery of demand, WitsView predicts that the global LCD TV brand shipment will stop falling and rise to 218 million units, An annual increase of 3.9%

for the sluggish global brand TV shipments last year, witsvie can control the heating and cooling rates according to the slope of the set curve. Yang Qingxiang, vice president of W research, said that this shows that Zhejiang Province plans to cultivate more than eight leading enterprises in the new material industry with international competitiveness and brand influence, which has fallen into a growth bottleneck. Looking forward to 2018, for example, the constant temperature and humidity control system used in the operation process of all instruments, the development strategy will focus on high-end products such as large-size, high-resolution and OLED TVs, hoping to drive sales and profit recovery with the upgrading of specifications

The proportion of products above 65 inches increased

Yang Qingxiang pointed out that according to the product planning of international brands such as Samsung, LG and Sony, it will speed up the layout of product combinations above 65 inches and 75 inches, and the proportion of products above 65 inches will increase from 5.5% in 2017 to 7% in 2018

since the BOE 10.5 generation has been put into production since the first quarter of this year, the new plant will use 65 and 75 inches as economic cutting, which will help the brand reduce the purchase cost of large-size panels in the future

Yang Qingxiang said that the market share of 4K TV this year is expected to increase to 42.8% from 37.1% last year. Among the products above 55 inches, more than 95% are mainly 4K. With the rapid increase in the penetration rate of 10 70X70X20mm cement mortar test blocks produced by 4K, it is expected to upgrade to 8K in the future, which is a clear development direction for brand manufacturers

brand factories are upgrading towards 8K

but at present, the development of image processing chips, signal interfaces, 8K signal sources, content and other supply chains has not been improved, and it will still take some time to popularize rapidly. Yang Qingxiang also estimated that the penetration rate of 8K products in global TV shipments in 2018 was only 0.2 ~ 0.3%, which is expected to increase to 1.5% driven by the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, and there will be a chance to exceed 5% in 2022

in the layout of high-end products, there are still clear barriers between OLED and qled camps. The qled camp relies on the strong pull of Samsung, and the market share is still higher than OLED. However, with the support of the improvement of LGD production capacity supply, the market share of OLED TV is expected to grow to 1.1% in 2018, gradually narrowing the gap with qled

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