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"Gemini" boom tower helps Zoomlion's overseas market develop strongly in the world's landmark building

"Gemini" boom tower helps Shiguang dispersion material 1. Generally, it adds light dispersant to transparent resin to achieve the effect of soft light according to needs. Zoomlion's overseas market develops strongly in the landmark building

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Turkey is an ancient country, known as the "cradle of civilization"

now, another landmark building is rising - Istanbul International Financial Center project, the tallest building around the Mediterranean region. In this world-famous project, Zoomlion has been building a large tonnage boom tower crane for a winter

"Zoomlion's 50 ton super large boom tower is easy to install and efficient to operate. Our construction companies and equipment leasing companies here are discussing these two equipment and express a strong interest in cooperating with Zoomlion. Zoomlion's tower crane is famous in Turkey!" The customer project manager is generous in his praise. In the process of cooperation, from equipment bidding, to mobilization and installation, to construction performance, as well as extreme and professional services, Zoomlion has made all links trusted by customers

△ Zoomlion boom tower crane helps the construction of the tallest building in the Mediterranean region

products are delivered on schedule to win the first chance

Istanbul International Financial Center project covers an area of 170 acres, including 45million square feet of office, residential, retail, conference, hotel and leisure and entertainment space. After completion, it will reach 353.5 meters high, becoming the tallest building in the Mediterranean region. After the completion of the project, it will accommodate leading enterprises and companies in Turkey's financial market, state-owned and private banks, and other related companies. The Turkish government hopes to make Istanbul an international financial center through this landmark project

for such an important national project as laying the foundation for Xiamen Rare Earth Materials Research Institute, customers considered and negotiated with crane manufacturers worldwide, and finally selected Zoomlion. Mehmet, the customer project manager, said, "Zoomlion promises to complete the equipment delivery within 110 days after the order is confirmed."

on October 23, 2020, the two l-large tonnage boom tower cranes ordered by the customer were shipped from Zoomlion Changde tower crane intelligent factory and arrived in Turkey as scheduled for delivery to the customer. In the early communication, Zoomlion also took the initiative to modify the scheme for customers, effectively reducing the transportation cost, and customers further increased their favor for Zoomlion

excellent performance is the main force

the so-called "distance to know horsepower", the performance of Zoomlion tower crane has gradually become prominent in wind resistance, stability, load performance and other aspects with the progress of the project construction

l boom tower crane is a star product of Zoomlion that has been tested by the market for a long time. According to the needs of Turkish customers, Zoomlion also made personalized improvements to the product. According to the R & D Engineer of Zoomlion, the independent tower height of this model can reach 51.45 meters, the maximum arm length is 60 meters, the maximum lifting weight is 50 tons, and the lifting weight at the maximum range can reach 11 tons, with strong performance. After the products entered the site, the main contractor undertook the heavy lifting of the steel frame and concrete prefabricated parts of the project, and became the main force of the project construction

in addition, the product also has the advantages of simple operation, easy to use, convenient maintenance and so on. The relevant person in charge of Zoomlion construction hoisting machinery company said, "the three mechanisms of lifting, frequency conversion and rotation of L tower crane are controlled by ABB full frequency conversion, with less impact on start-up, stop and braking, safer use, more sensitive response and more accurate hoisting in place." In order to enhance the operating comfort and maintenance convenience of the robot, l is equipped with a luxury intelligent cab, including automatic positioning camera, electric wiper, automatic lubrication controller, etc

the service is professional and efficient, and the problem is solved easily

in order to ensure the smooth delivery and installation of products, Zoomlion sent three overseas service engineers to the site to follow up the service throughout the process. Even if the customer encounters thorny problems, the force, displacement and stiffness are displayed in sequence), with the help of the service engineers, the problem is also solved

"during installation, the on-site conditions could not install the product outriggers according to the requirements of our drawings. According to the actual situation and the research and development requirements, we re formulated the technical scheme and successfully completed the embedment of outriggers. At the same time, the space of the on-site storage yard was small, and all parts of l could not be stacked. We re planned the installation sequence and hoisting scheme suitable for the construction space according to local conditions. Finally, the product installation was still completed quickly", Zoomlion Service Engineer in charge of the project said

the highly negative attitude and professional ability of Zoomlion service engineers have been highly praised by the customer's project department and on-site workers

△ Zoomlion's overseas service engineers stationed at the construction site to follow up services

now, two blue and white l-boom tower cranes are operating efficiently in the Istanbul International Financial Center Project in Turkey. The posture of struggling to build has become a billboard of Zoomlion's great reputation in the local area, and also the most shiny business card made in China in Turkey

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