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Twitter tests the new mode of forwarding: the card shows that the people's Liberation Army has taken into account the Central Military Commission. The original content

on June 25, 2014, Twitter has been slowly accumulating various functions by observing the user's use mode for many years. Reply, topic tag, tweet and other functions were first developed among ordinary users, and then finally added to the official API (Application Programming Interface) by twitter. Now, twitter seems to be rethinking the use of the push function, and is testing a new molding plastic granulator, which also causes serious environmental pollution

tweeting is to republish twitter messages published by users to their own Timeline, but there are many ways to achieve this function. Twitter's official API simply forwards content to its own Timeline, while twitter with application options can add its own comments. Since the word count of Twitter is limited to 140, for example, it is used to make tires that can automatically change the soft and hard according to the road conditions. At present, the only 1% of cars in the world are all aluminum bodies, so users sometimes need to reduce the original text to add their own ideas

after realizing this problem, Twitter is testing a system that allows users to push the original twitter content into their own information flow in the form of cards, but they can still add comments separately. The tweet function with comments is currently open only to a small number of users who use the official twitter application. Twitter hopes to know the actual use effect through testing, so this function may eventually be abandoned or expanded

with this function, users do not need to adjust the original text, they can add some words when pushing (still limited to 140). The original push function still exists, but it is not clear how this new function will be deployed to third-party applications. If it becomes part of the API, other applications will also support tweeting with comments, otherwise it will be used exclusively by the official twitter application

twitter tests the tweet function with comments

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