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Application of twidoplc in the control system of double servo drive flat printing machine

1 Introduction the printing process is to configure dyes or pigments into color paddles (dyes + pastes + chemicals), dye the fabric according to the preset pattern, and dry the fabric to obtain various color patterns. The commonly used printing equipment are roller printing machine, flat printing machine and round printing machine

the flat printing machine is composed of a cloth feeding device, a centering device, a printing unit, a washing device 13, a pin shaft device, a guide belt driving device, a body lifting device, a dryer, etc. the printed fabric is pasted on the printing guide belt running circularly along the meridional direction by the cloth feeding device, and is introduced into the printing unit through the centering device; During printing, the guide belt is stationary, the screen of the printing device is lowered, the scraper scrapes, the screen is lifted after scraping, and the fabric moves forward with the guide belt for a flower return (the length of the pattern in the screen) to enter the next printing unit; After printing, the guide belt is cleaned by the water washing device, and the printed fabric is sent to the dryer by the guide belt for drying, and then exported in the way of stacking and falls into the cloth cart. According to the process and user needs, each flat printing machine is generally equipped with 10 ~ 16 sets of printing units, and the length of the printing table is more than 20m

the double servo drive flat printing machine adopts two sets of bicycle servo systems to drive the front and rear drive rollers of the printing guide belt respectively. On the basis of ensuring the alignment accuracy (0.1mm) required by the process, it greatly improves the speed of the guide belt (up to 60m/min), thereby improving the printing efficiency; The transmission system of the printing unit is driven by the AC motor controlled by the frequency converter. After deceleration, the scraper is driven to move back and forth. Its scraping speed, round-trip times, and scraping distance can be adjusted to meet the process requirements; At the same time of polyurethane filled fabric samples, the intermittent movement of the printing unit relative to the guide belt requires timely completion of screen lowering, scraping, and screen rising, so as to maximize the printing speed; In addition, the cloth pasting roller and the drying room guide belt work continuously. Compared with the intermittent printing guide belt, the three must be synchronized

2. Control system scheme

the control system of the double servo drive flat printing machine adopts the medium-sized PLC premium of Schneider Electric Company as the control core, and controls the lexium servo system (driver and AC servo motor) through the tsxcay22 servo control template to realize the synchronous operation and positioning control of the front and rear drive rollers of the printing guide belt; The twin line servo system is controlled by the analog output signal to realize the precise control of the centering device; Each printing unit is controlled by Twido series PLC, atv31 series frequency converter and tsx08 HMI text graphic display. Twido PLC and premium PLC are connected through MODBUS bus. The whole system adopts 10.4 "magelis xbt-g color TFT touch screen (XBT g5330) for parameter setting, display and other operations and system monitoring

3. Description of control system

lexium servo system is a full digital servo loop control solution launched by Schneider Electric Company. The driver power range is 1.5 ~ 75A, with built-in EMC filter and braking resistance. It has high closed-loop response characteristics (torque control: 62.5us, speed/position control: 250us), and allows 208 ~ 480vac wide voltage input, At the same time, it has the functions of Unilink commissioning software to automatically configure closed-loop parameters and load oscilloscope simulation; The servo motor is a high torque, high inertia AC brushless motor, torque range: 0.4 ~ 100nm, with ip65/67 protection grade, built-in decoder (optional SERCOS code disk), optional brake

tsx cay 22 is a position control servo template for two independent axes (infinite axes) of premium PLC. It is designed to meet the requirements of both high-performance motion control and sequence control in machine manufacturing. It has built-in master/slave function, automatic offset, integrated closed-loop control. First of all, connect the connecting line of the power supply to the brake (prevent parking and passing), and the feedback signal is 250 kHz incremental code disk/1m Hz absolute code disk (SSI protocol). Through the specific configuration and debugging windows in pl7 Pro programming software and smove motion control commands, the predetermined motion control functions can be easily realized

4. Synchronous control scheme

the principle of synchronous control is shown in the following figure:

5 Positioning of lexium servo system and twin line servo system

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