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Tasmania, Australia (press conference) a few days ago, the Australian forestry company (FEA) and Neville Smith forestry (NST1) announced today that the two companies have reached a preliminary agreement on jointly developing and operating a joint venture for the export of Eucalyptus chips in Bell Bay, Tasmania

fea, however, in these processes, CEO intelen said that in August last year, the company had purchased sawmill zigzag test, which is an effective method to test the bending resistance of stainless steel and covering layer. At present, it has purchased 18000 hectares of Eucalyptus forest farm from private forest growers in Tasmania, with a total investment of 8million US dollars. The combination of plantation and sawmill projects will create conditions for the provision of wood chips and board exports

Tony price, project manager of NST1 company, said that at present, there is a huge business opportunity in the international market for high-quality wood fiber used to manufacture fine writing/printing paper to develop better composite materials for the automotive, wind wheel experimental digital display machine and compressed gas storage industries. Therefore, the company decided to participate in this project investment. The preliminary design production capacity of the project can export 300000 tons of Eucalyptus chips per year. It is expected that the preparation of the joint venture can begin in the second quarter of this year. All necessary approval procedures have been completed, equipment has been ordered, and plant construction has also begun

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