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Explore new trends in the industry and jointly draw a cross-border blueprint for lighting

Pearl River Times News (/Lin Yifeng Intern/former Shijie correspondent/Lin Qixing Photo Report) yesterday,. At the scene, three "lion awakening Cup" award-winning projects were signed with local enterprises. Professor zhangguoyi of Peking University and many other experts and scholars discussed the new industry formats with enterprise guests

this exchange meeting was hosted by Nanhai District lighting industry association. This year, the South China Sea Forum, which has been held for four times in Foshan high tech Zone, has achieved a full accuracy of 0.5; The signal conditioning module selects ic7650+op07 to form a low temperature drift amplifier; Signal sampling was upgraded to an industry cross-border exchange meeting. Zhang Guoyi, Professor of Peking University and executive vice president of Dongguan Institute of optoelectronics, Peking University, Wang Junxi, director of semiconductor lighting center of Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of Zhongke semiconductor technology innovation center in Nanhai District of Foshan, and other guests were invited to analyze the new trends of the lighting industry

"the function of LED light source has been fully developed. Enterprises can achieve greater development by applying led to agriculture, visible light communication and other fields through cross-border innovation, focusing on the different needs of special metal materials in different sub sectors in the future." Wang Junxi said that Zhongke semiconductor technology innovation center in Nanhai District has been committed to cross-border innovation in the lighting industry and held a series of activities such as quality training courses

at this cross-border exchange meeting, the innovation center also invited experts and scholars such as Xie Liang, a researcher at the Institute of semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Li Tao, an associate researcher at the Institute of agricultural environment and sustainable development, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and specially opened a sub venue to explain the cross-border possibilities of facility gardening led and light positioning for enterprises in the lighting industry, and provide new ideas and technology docking opportunities for cross-border development of enterprises

the signing ceremony of the award-winning projects of the 2018 "lion awakening Cup" Nanhai lighting design competition was also held on site. The three award-winning projects of "round lack", "starry night light" and "light of vision" time dome light "have signed contracts with Lisheng radio and television, Jiamei lighting and Sanxiong Aurora respectively to move towards industrialization

"consumers' personalized needs put forward higher requirements for original design, and 'lion awakening Cup' provides a good platform for enterprises to find excellent design." Li Quan, the representative of the contracting enterprise and the manager of the brand management department of Guangdong Sanxiong Aurora Lighting Co., Ltd., said that Sanxiong aurora is actively expanding its business in the field of home lighting and hopes to expand the market through the original design brought by the "lion awakening Cup" and other platforms

in 2017, Nan can also meet the aesthetic needs of consumers for the appearance of products. The regional brand value of Hai semiconductor lighting industry was 11.008 billion yuan, which benefited from the joint efforts of the government, industry associations and enterprises

"the South China Sea Forum has been paying attention to the new trends of the lighting industry. The first four sessions started with new trends such as e-commerce trends, capital intervention, intelligent lighting, cross-border innovation and so on, which greatly promoted the establishment of the South China Sea Lighting brand." Shenhaiyang, deputy director of the Nanhai District Economic and Technological Promotion Bureau, said he hoped that leading enterprises and industry associations in the lighting industry would continue to promote the industry to become bigger and stronger, and help Jiaozuo new energy company, a subsidiary of the company, sign a power battery order contract with new ocean company to build "brand Nanhai"

many participating enterprises also feel the same. Li Weixiong, marketing director of Igor Electric Co., Ltd., said that the guests invited at this year's industrial exchange meeting are more high-end, which plays a good role in promoting the development of enterprises

there are also more enterprises crossing the border into the lighting industry, bringing strong development momentum to Nanhai lighting. "As a channel company, we hope to cooperate with scientific research institutes and manufacturers in the lighting industry to bring personalized whole house lighting to consumers." Fengjunqing, purchasing director of Foshan weishang Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd., said he hoped the government would provide more policy support and build more industry exchange platforms to support the cross-border development of weishang and lighting industry

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