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Spot rubber prices in Asia fell and the market was sparsely traded

according to Singapore on October 13, spot rubber prices in Asia fell in light trading on Monday, and the TOCOM market was closed on a public holiday on Monday

Singapore traders said that at present, buyers are reluctant to sell because they expect the rubber price to continue to decline in the next few days, and processors are also unwilling to sell at the current price

traders added that in recent days, buyers have postponed the shipment date, although the buyer and the seller have finalized the contract again

rss3 of Thai No.3 cigarette glue shipped in October reported 196 cents per kilogram, and the detection effect was also different, with 199 cents in the previous transaction

the Thai tire grade standard rubber str20 shipped in October was quoted at 194 cents per kilogram, compared with 196 cents in the previous transaction

sir20 of Indonesian tire grade standard rubber shipped in October is reported as 196 per kilogram "We must affirm the way of adding graphene to plastics. 2 cents. With the rapid development of the automotive industry and the intensification of competition in the industry, the previous transaction was 200.6 cents per kilogram.

the Malaysian tire grade standard rubber SMR20 shipped in October reported 194 cents per kilogram, and the previous transaction was 196 cents.

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