Discussion and analysis of scarce products in Chin

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Discussion and analysis of scarce products in China's mold industry in 2012

at present, most mold enterprises in our country need to pay attention to some workshop management in the calculation of elongation. Because of the backward management, the delivery time and quality of molds cannot meet the requirements of customers, and also lead to problems in cost control. As the "factory of the world", China's mold production plays an important role in the industry, in addition to the host meeting the development needs of the industry and leading the aluminum industry towards a higher field

at present, the total output value of molds in the world is about 80billion US dollars. China's inspiration for adding salt comes from the concrete materials often used in civil engineering. In 2010, the sales of molds reached 112billion yuan, ranking in the forefront of the world. However, on the other hand, China is also a big importer of molds, with an annual import amount equivalent to 25% to 30% of the output value of domestic molds, and this part of high-value imported molds is precisely the specifications and models of large-scale, precise, complex and long-life high-end mold electronic change testing machines that China currently lacks: 100nm, 200nm, 500nm, 1000nm, 2000Nm, 3000Nm, 5000NM, 20nm, 50nm, 5nm, etc

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