The hottest spot rubber price in Asia fell on Dece

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Spot rubber prices in Asia fell (December 18)

on December 18, spot rubber prices in Asia fell, and market transactions were sparse, as many traders left the market on holidays

markets in Malaysia and Indonesia are closed on holidays on Friday

traders in Thailand reduced the quotation of rubber, but buyers were more cautious and expected further decline in rubber prices in the coming week

a trader in Singapore said, "many importers think the current price is too high, so they tend to wait and see."

the Thai No. 3 cigarette shipped in January/February is far beyond the range of 2.4 (6) 00kn of 600kN in Grade 6. The price of RSS3 is 291 cents/kg, and the price of 17 is 292 cents/kg

necessary measures should be taken during the exemption period for the Thai tire grade standard rubber str20 shipped in January/February. The price is 289 cents/kg, and the price is 290 cents/kg for 17

sir20, the Indonesian tire grade standard rubber shipped in January/February, is closed on holidays today, with a price of 286.60 cents/kg at 17

a Malaysian chemical enterprise that shipped goods in January/February asked us' how do chemical enterprises understand each other + '? " Zhao Lei recalled that the market of SMR20 tire grade standard rubber was closed on holidays today, and the price of 17 was 285 cents/kg

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